• Need Renter's Insurance? 3 Things To Know

    When you rent a home, you should always carry your own renter's insurance policy. Renter's insurance policies are affordable and are the best way to protect your belongings. When choosing a policy, there are a few technical things you need to know and consider. #1 Different Types of Coverage There are two different types of coverage you can purchase for your rental home. You can choose between an actual cash value plan or a replacement value plan.
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  • Should You Keep Homeowner's Insurance After Paying Off Your Mortgage?

    One of the top reasons people have homeowner's insurance is to fulfill the requirement their lenders have for this. When you have a loan on your home, you cannot go without home insurance. Your lender will make you purchase a policy and will even purchase a policy for you if you do not do so on your own. When you pay off your mortgage, though, this requirement will no longer be valid, which means you could cancel your homeowner's insurance if you want to.
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