Is Your Child Afraid Of The Doctor? What You Can Do To Calm Their Fears

Posted on: 25 October 2017

It doesn't matter if your child is an infant or a teenager, they will always be your baby that you want to protect. A part of protecting your child is taking them to the doctor for regular checkups and when they're sick. However, when you have younger children, this is sometimes a challenge, as there are children who have a fear of going to the doctor. Rest easy, as there are several things you can do to calm their fears.

Arrive Early

Make it a habit to arrive early for all your child's appointments. If you come just a few moments before their visit and they are quickly called back, this will only exacerbate their fears. When you arrive early, you allow more time for the child to adjust and get more comfortable with their surroundings, which is always helpful. Children, like adults, often feel more comfortable when they also feel more relaxed.

Play Doctor at Home

When having your regular playtime at home, switch things up from time to time and play doctor. For many children, the fear of going to the doctor has a lot to do with the unknown. Children don't know what the doctor will or won't do. However, when you play doctor at home, you give your child a better idea of what to expect and help them understand that there is no reason to be concerned.

Look for Child-Friendly Offices

It's a great idea to look for child-friendly physician offices. Over the years, many of the offices have turned into one part medical office, one part fun zone for play. If your child is especially uncomfortable, these types of offices are great because they help the child understand that they are not in a scary place, but instead a happy place in which they can enjoy themselves.

Schedule Appointments Wisely

If your child has a fear of going to the doctor, it's a good idea to schedule your appointments wisely. If the child is scared and tired, you will not have a good combination on your hands. When you can, aim to schedule appointments away from nap times and not after any tiresome activity, such as dance practice or a play date at the park. Scheduling appointments this way will help ensure your child is in a better mood when they arrive.

These are just some of the things you can do to calm your child's fears and to make for a more stress-free experience at the doctors. Talk to a pediatric physician at facilities like the Broadway Medical Clinic, LLP for more tips.