Want Cheap Car Insurance? Don't Be Fooled By These Myths About Inexpensive Coverage

Posted on: 16 February 2021

Car insurance may be a necessary expense, but there is never a need to pay more than what you should for good coverage. Even though cheap car insurance is out there, many people allow several myths to get in the way of seeking auto insurance at a lower rate.

Myth: Cheap car insurance usually means lacking coverage.

While cheaper car insurance may mean you have less coverage, paying less does not always mean you don't have a good policy that covers most incidents. For example, you may get cheaper auto insurance if you opt for a higher deductible with liability coverage, but your coverage limits may be roughly the same. Be sure to look over the different coverage options and levels as you set up your policy to make sure you are getting substantial coverage for what you are paying. 

Myth: Insurers with low rates are not going to pay out when you have a claim. 

If you are covered with a policy by any given insurance company and you have an accident, they are legally obligated to cover the costs as long as you have the proper coverage. For example, if you have full coverage with comprehensive and collision insurance and you hit a tree, the damage to your vehicle should be covered up to the predetermined policy amount. 

Myth: You can't find cheap car insurance if you drive every day. 

If you drive every day back and forth to work, school, or otherwise, it may still be possible to get cheap car insurance. One thing the insurer will want to know is roughly how many miles you put on your vehicle. This information may affect your rates, but not drastically. Other factors affect your rates more, such as how many prior accidents you have had or what type of vehicle you are driving. 

Myth: Companies that offer cheap car insurance will eventually hike your rates. 

On the contrary, many insurance providers lower your rates the longer you have been with the company. For instance, if you have the same insurer for two years, you can expect your rates to go down a bit over time if you do not have any accidents. The only reason your rates should go up after initially finding cheap auto insurance is if some risk surfaces that the insurance company did not know when they quoted your policy. Of course, rates can also go up with some companies if you have at-fault accidents. 

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