4 Home Insurance Endorsements You Can Get

Posted on: 24 February 2023

A home insurance endorsement is also referred to as a rider, and it allows you to get additional coverage that is not typically covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Here are a few different endorsements that you may be interested in.

Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement 

Do you have items in your home that have a very high value, such as artwork, jewelry, and collectables? Chances are that these items will not be covered with your standard home insurance policy. That's where a scheduled personal property endorsement will give you some much needed protection.

A scheduled personal property endorsement allows you to get the full appraised value of valuable items if they are damaged or stolen from your home. This is quite different than what normally happens with personal property, which allows you to replace the item with a similar new item available today or receive a depreciated value of a new item's value. 

Water Backup Endorsement

Water can get into your home in several different ways, and there are various policies that cover them. Your standard homeowners insurance is going to cover a burst pipe, and flood insurance is going to cover water that enters your home from the outside. However, flood insurance doesn't cover water that enters your home from the sewer line. 

A water backup endorsement is going to provide coverage for instances where water or sewage enters your home from a drain, sump, or any other plumbing fixture in your home. It can even cover the damage caused by a sump pump failing unexpectedly. 

Identity Theft Endorsement

Are you worried by all the data breaches that have been happening recently, where customer information is stolen and gets into the wrong hands? That can cause a huge problem with identity theft, where someone uses your information to pretend to be you and cause damage to your credit. 

Identity theft protection is an optional coverage you can get from your home insurance provider. It is going to help pay for the legal fees related to clearing up identity theft related problems, as well as any financial losses that were caused. 

Home Business Endorsement 

Run a business out of your home? You may be surprised to learn that all of the equipment related to your business is not covered under a home insurance policy. You'll need a special home business endorsement to cover equipment, inventory, and anything else related to your business that would normally be in an office setting. 

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